At what age can one enroll for Dance classes?

The starting age for a student to enroll in a Dance class at Art of Vinyasa is 5 years. There is no upper age limit.

My child is 3 OR 4 years old but is very interested in Dance - can I enroll for the Classes?

You will have to wait till your child turns 5 years old or at least closer to 5 at the start of the Term. This is so that they are more reciprocative for a dance class environment.

We do not want the child to lose interest in Dance as these classes are unlike any of their regular classes or schools etc and require a certain amount of discipline, concentration and patience. It has been observed that by the age of 5 they are ideally placed to understand and appreciate what is taught.

How are the classes conducted?

The classes are conducted on a Term basis in a group environment but offer individual lessons. The students learn based on their individual ability. As the purpose of learning a Classical Dance is to gain the theoretical and practical knowledge of the Art form, there is a lot of emphasis on perfection and hence the effort and interest of the student plays a critical role in the pace of the learning.

Are the classes conducted as a Batch? Will there be other kids learning the same steps with my child? I don’t want my kid to feel out of place if she has no company.

At Art of Vinyasa, we strive to ensure a positive learning environment is created to assist the students in their learning. The Classes are a mixed bag of Beginners and Intermediate students. This environment of a mixed group of students, help the beginners watch and learn quickly and also prepare themselves for the next. For the intermediate students, it helps them to stay in touch with the basics providing an opportunity to improve and excel.

As explained earlier, the class will still be an individual class and cater to the individual’s learning capacity.

What Styles of Dances will be taught in the class?

At Art of Vinyasa, Classes are conducted in Bharatanatyam only. Vasundhara Style of Bharathanatyam which is an offshoot of the traditional Pandanallur Style is taught. This style of dancing has a well balanced Nritta and Abhinaya retaining the linear geometry of the Pandanallur style.

I have never danced before; will I still be able to enroll for the classes?

Anyone with an interest to learn can enroll in our classes. Our classes cater for Beginners and Advanced students.

Where are the classes held?

We currently hold classes in 3different locations:

Mount Waverley: Mount Waverly North Primary School

Carlton North: Dancehouse

Mill Park: Mill Park Primary School

Can you start a class in our area?

Art Of Vinyasa is committed to spreading the joy of Dance to as many people and localities as we can. We can start classes at a new Centre provided that, there is sufficient interest in that particular area for classes (minimum 10 students required). For further information contact us.

How many classes are conducted in a Term?

The term is usually designed to coincide with the school term for convenience. The classes are between 8-11 weeks of an hour each depending on the term.

What is the duration of the class?

The class is usually for an hour for beginners. As the students are taught in a systematic manner, the class may be for 30 mins or so for beginners in the initial stages until they gradually progress.

Can I join a class if I have a medical condition?

If you have a medical condition you are required to get a Doctor's certificate that allows you to participate in the class. Make sure that you convey your medical condition to us PRIOR to the commencement of the class so that we are aware.

What is the size of the class?

The class size varies depending on the location with a mixed group of kids and adults.


How can I register?

You can register through our website and complete the enrolment procedure online. Alternatively you can contact on 0439 523 950 and get the registration information. Once you have acquired the same, you will have to enroll online.

Why do I need to register and purchase my classes online?

An online record helps us comply with the Liability Insurance regulations. This is also convenient for students/parents for invoicing and record keeping purposes.

Would I be able to join classes Mid-Term?

Our online registrations for classes close by the 3rd week of a term. After this date, if you still wish to commence classes please contact us over the telephone to organize the same and discuss payment options.

However, we discourage the students from starting towards the end of any term.

I already have a dance background, what level class should I start with?

We require all our students to commence at a Beginner level regardless of their previous experience to gain an understanding of the small changes in execution of steps and movements. However, if there is a past experience, it is noticed that it may not require as much time as it would for a novice to complete the basics.

What are your refund policies?

We do not give refunds or exchanges, and class packages are non-shareable. There are no refunds if you purchases a class package and do not come to class to redeem it.

If you know that you will be away or miss the class continuously for more than 3 weeks in a term, please contact us to organize a credit note.


What time should I arrive for class?

For your first class we recommend that you come 10 minutes prior to the commencement of the class, after the first class even 5 minutes prior should suffice so that the class starts on time.

What is the duration of the class?

The duration of the class is between 1-1.5hours depending on the advancement.

What is the type of clothing that I will need to wear for the class? Is there anything else I need to bring with me?

The classes require comfortable dance attire such as tights (No jeans) and a knee length top. Please ensure the hair is tied tightly at the back and does not fall on the face. A cotton shawl/dupatta to tie around the waist for support and a Water Bottle must be brought to every class.

Are parents allowed to watch the class?

Generally, Parents will be allowed to watch their kids in the class. Some Kids are easily distracted and may not feel comfortable having Parents watch them during the class at which stage we might request that they sit at the back or drop the kids and pick them up towards the end.

Can I take a trial class or watch a class?

You may choose to pay for a Drop-in Class if you would like to Trial the class before enrolling. If you decide to continue with the term we will simply ask for the remainder of the term Fee. You are welcome to watch a class, but you might miss out on a class for the term.

What happens if I miss a class(es)? Can I make up for those missed classes?

Unfortunately if you miss a class, we will not offer make up lessons. However, you are welcome to keep a track and make them up at any of the other classes/locations if you happen to be around.

If a class is cancelled, make up lesson will be accommodated.

Once I join, do I need to attend class at the same location or day every week?

No. Flexibility is offered in terms of locations. You will not be bound to a location and can attend class in any of the locations if you are unable to make it to the class of your choice at any given point of time.

Who will be conducting the classes?

Meghala will endeavor to be present and conduct classes assisted by the senior students throughout. But, under unavoidable circumstances senior students of the school will conduct the classes in order to avoid any inconvenience to the students/parents.


Does the School conduct Annual Shows?

The School has been conducting annual shows for the past 3 years.

Can I start performing in Shows once I join?

Opportunity to perform will be provided in various shows and annual performance based on the competence and ability of the student. At Art of Vinyasa, we like to set a goal for the students and motivate them to work towards it. As such, until the student learns a set syllabus they are not included for performances.

Should we attend the Show if our kid is not performing?

Kids learn a lot of intangible things by watching peers or senior artistes. As suggested earlier, we encourage you to bring the kids to watch the people or kids they know perform, to show what can be achieved through dedication and practice. The only reason we discourage putting everyone on stage is to avoid a false sense of achievement and instead encourage them to work towards a goal.