IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the recent Caronavirus development, classes have been temporarily suspended, please contact meghala on 0439523950 if you want to attend online classes via Zoom - thank you for your undestanding and please stay safe.

  • Yoga

    At Art of Vinyasa, we teach Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga which combines an ancient series of postures with a flowing breath and movement system ... Read More

  • Bharatanatyam

    The Centre imparts intensive training in Bharatanatyam and provides an environment that fosters the artistic, intellectual and personal growth preparing students for successful and productive lives ... Read More

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Art of Vinyasa Bharatanatyam & Yoga Centre - A branch of Vasundhara Perfroming Arts Centre, parts the discipline of Indian Classical dance of Bharatanatyam and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, in Melbourne under the guidance of Meghala Bhat Hirasave.

The institute continues to work in partnership within the Australian multicultural community with a vision to increase cultural awareness and to share the traditional values among the new generations whilst imparting positive traits to aid physical and personality development.

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  • Basic - Basic Bharatanatyam and Yoga with fundamentals for the beginner/novice.
  • The Little Ones - Available for children (5years & over) to introduce them to the joys of dance, in a fun group class & build a solid infrastructure.
  • Intermediate and advanced program -This program suits people who need flexibility to pick and choose dance grades and repertoire to suit them with the same in relevance to Yoga.
  • Professionals — Predominantly item based classes for professionals.